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Our extensive experience in the international education industry with expert counsellors makes following your dream of international education a simpler and easier process!

We are one of the fastest growing organization in Overseas Education industry in India!

Education abroad has opened many horizons for the students who are looking forward to receiving higher education outside the country. As the competition in the market is increasing rapidly, there are hardly a few job opportunities being generated in India every year. These desperate times have encouraged students to undertake desperate measures in order to secure their respective future. 

Our mission is to help students choose the right university in the right study destination and complete the entire process from application to arriving at the university campus easy and comfortable. Our experience of 12 years in this industry has made us capable of guiding the students in the right direction at every stage of this entire process. 

Our excellent branch network and impeccable reputation helps us to deliver top quality education services

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About Us | Seger Overseas | Study Abroad Consultants

Our Story

Seger Overseas is an Overseas Education Consultancy founded in 2012 in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore. We are committed to provide the best quality service to help students get the desired abroad university. 

Since we started, we have helped thousands of students get admit in the top universities around the globe. Our counsellors and admission team have always been very diligent towards their work and delivered the great results by helping each and every student to their utmost satisfaction. 

Expert advice to help you make the most informed decision for your career.

Education in abroad university is very flexible and they provide different types of courses within one field of study. The study programs and the course modules are designed for research oriented career path and job oriented career path. There are specialized courses to achieve the expertise in a certain field.

As there are so many good options available for the students to choose from, this also causes a lot of confusion for them and makes it hard to select the perfect fit for their goals. At this point, it is very important that the student look for some expert advice and make the most informed decision. 

About Us | Seger Overseas | Study Abroad Consultants
About Us | Seger Overseas | Study Abroad Consultants

Leave the intricate process for us to handle.

To get admission into an abroad university is not an easy task as it takes a very long time to complete the process and the risk of getting a rejection is high if you make any mistake in the requested documents. You need to follow very detailed guidelines while making your application to the university. Making application for multiple universities at a time makes this process even harder. 

You also have to be extra alert for any response or update from the university and the country policies so that your application goes smoothly. Same goes for the Visa Application, if you are not prepared for what is coming then your chances of failure would be very high.

As we have been in this business for a really long time and we have experienced the application process of almost all the popular universities abroad, we can promise your that we won’t let any application get rejected.