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Profile Evaluation

Improve your chances of getting a top university, get expert feedback and insights on your profile. Find how strong your profile to help you bag your dream university. Know your strengths & weaknesses. Learn how to compensate for any gaps in your profile.
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Student Counselling

Our counsellor will work through all your academic details and your requirements to make sure you get the best possible fit for your future university and your area of study. We will guide you towards the right career option based on your interest.
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University Shortlisting

We will shortlist the best universities based on your academic records, eligibility criteria and your budget. Our expert’s advice will make it easy for you to choose the one that can fulfill your career goals in long term
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Admission Guidance

The application process is lengthy and complex. Attention to the detail is very important as any small mistake can lead to application rejection. But you don’t have to worry about any of that, our experienced team will handle that for you for FREE.
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Finance and Scholorship

There are plenty of institutional, international and national scholarships available. Also you can opt for the education loans to fund your abroad education. Our experts will give you the best advice to successfully apply for the scholarships or education loans so that you can easily get the funding.
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Visa Application

There are several steps to consider while applying for visa. You have to be ready with required documents and financial statements before you start the application. As all this work require experience and precision, our team will make this process comfortable for you.